About Andy

Stark Sound Lab is musician, composer and producer Andy Stark. He produces music for new media art, film, television and radio.

The beginnings of Stark Sound lab go back to 1968, when the fledgling Moog synthesizer was just becoming part of the mainstream. Today, Andy still composes on and for his vintage Moog and other analogue instruments, combining electronic music with modern orchestration to create Ambient, Progressive Rock, Dance and Soundtrack music.

While it is no secret that the music industry has gone through many changes in recent years, it may surprise you that independent artists, still face an uphill battle against those that hold the money and power.

Now more than ever it is important to directly support the artists you listen to. Please join Andy's Fan Club. Your continued enthusiasm, loyalty and support, allow, Andy to stay focused on creating new recordings without compromise.

Featured Albums

  • Time to Dream

    Time to Dream

  • Hi​-​Fi


  • Dance Lab (Show Your Bits)

    Dance Lab (Show Your Bits)

  • Dance Lab

    Dance Lab

  • Sounds of Summer

    GO (Original Realife™ Soundtrack)

  • Sounds of Summer

    Born Innocent (Original Realife™ Soundtrack)

  • Sounds of Summer

    AWAY (Original Realife™ Soundtrack)

  • Sounds of Summer

    Future Past (Original Realife™ Soundtrack)

  • Sounds of Summer

    Sounds of Summer

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